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image This adult Canadian goose was found peacefully grazing in the grass of Stansbury Park, along with a whole gaggle of geese.

February 7, 2013
Canadian geese return to same mating grounds every year

Canadian geese, also known as Branta Canadensis, are a commonly known bird of North America and are seen all over Tooele County. This bird is found mainly around water or grassy fields. Tooele County has many preferable spots that are suitable for Canadian geese such as Stansbury Park, Settlement Canyon Reservoir and the Oquirrh Hills Golf Course.

Coming from the Family of Anatidae, which means swimming bird with bill and shortlegged body, the Canadian goose is a migrating bird and is very compatible. In fact, in its entire lifetime this goose will pair with only one mate.

During the mating season, which is February to April, a paired couple will return to the same area where they first successfully mated, nested and cared for their previous clutch. Interestingly, the female always picks the destination of the nest, which is mainly built close to water and on the ground. When the nest is built and the eggs are laid, the female sits and incubates the eggs while the male stands guard, chasing off other geese and intruders.

A month or so after the eggs are laid, the clutch begin to hatch and then no more than 24 hours after their birth, the goslings are ready for their first swim.

Although the water has fewer predators than land, Canadian geese must be wary of bigger fish, bull-frogs and snapping turtles, for goslings are commonly eaten by all of these. However, goslings are quick swimmers and good divers, which helps them to escape predators. They are known to be able to dive 30 to 40 feet.

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