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November 6, 2012
Can’t put price on Deseret Peak Complex

I have been to complexes all over and the one here in Tooele County has more to offer than any I have been to. There is such a diversity of things to do just a few minutes away. I have been to baseball games, rodeos, concerts the county fair and many other functions. The people that come here to participate in the events also buy things from the stores and restaurants in the county. Some stay in the motels and they also gas up their vehicles. All of this means that tax money and revenue come into the county outside of the complex gates. I feel very strongly that kids who have something to work for and a place like the complex to go to support functions like county fairs, rodeo, baseball games, football and soccer, and for the most part stay out of trouble. Evan though the complex costs us money, it is better spent on the complex rather rehab and the jail. Let’s look at what the complex is doing: It’s helping us raise good healthy kids that grow up to be good productive citizens, and it gives us good family entertainment. I don’t think that you can put a price on that. So if Shawn Milne and George Young don’t want to support the best thing in Tooele County, why did they run in a county election? Is it to support one of the best things the county has to offer, or was it just for a good paycheck?

Leo Williams


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