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October 15, 2020
Carvana wants to build 200,000-square-foot inspection center in Industrial Depot

Online car seller will employ ‘couple hundred’ 

The Tooele City Planning Commission recommended approval of a conditional use permit for land located next to Cabela’s Distribution Center at 299 Lodestone Way in Tooele City during their meeting on Wednesday evening at Tooele City Hall.

The application for the CUP  was submitted by Brock Nelson of Tempe, Arizona with Carvana, an online direct to consumer car seller.

The CUP was required because the company wants to use the 107.5-acre parcel for  outside vehicle storage as well as a vehicle inspection center, according to Andrew Aagard, Tooele City planner.

The  property is zoned I-industrial, by the City, Aargard said.

Properties to the north, south, and west are all zoned industrial and properties to the east are zoned PIU, an industrial zone that has special conditions related to when the properties were annexed or incorporated into the city.

Site plans were submitted with the application demonstrating how the property will be used.

The main entrance for property will be from Lodestone Way, with direct access to state Route 36, state Route 112, or Utah Avenue, according to Aagard.

Employee parking at the facility and truck parking areas will be located on the east side, central to the southern portion of the site.

The remaining areas will be for vehicle storage and possible further expansion, according to Aagard.

A letter was sent to the planning commission from Carvana explaining what they wanted to do with the property.

Carvana said they will build a 200,000-square foot-building that will serve as a vehicle inspection site, according to the letter.

An eight-foot-tall solid metal fence will be built around the property and will screen vehicles that will be stored outside and nothing stored inside of the fence will exceed six feet in height. Employee and visitor parking will be located outside of the fence and a guard house will be in place to allow transport trucks inside. 

The general public will not be allowed at the site because the vehicles on the property are sold online and delivered to customers, the letter explained.

“We are excited about the opportunity,” said Nelson during a public hearing on the CUP. “I think we are zoned correctly for the area and we will fit in nicely to the industrial area out there. We are looking forward to becoming a good member of the community.”

Nelson also said that the company will employ a “couple hundred” employees and may be working with the Tooele Technical College to develop new programs related to the business.

The planning commission voted unanimously to approve the CUP and forwarded a positive recommendation to the City Council.


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