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August 7, 2018
Catastrophes in the making

I am a resident of Stansbury Park and love to live here. I can understand that many people have a desire to also live here. 

I am concerned that the Tooele County Commissioners changed the zoning on the land across from the U of U Health Center previously designated for business to a high-density residential status without giving the people they represent a chance to vote for or against it. The area already gets very congested with many automobiles needed to go to Tooele or to the north. If you add 70 families with just two cars each in that area, that’s 140 extra vehicles increasing congestion. If they have teenage drivers with cars or have recreational vehicles, the numbers could be astronomically higher. Where are they going to park? 

I see some catastrophes in the making — the area could be a death trap! Is there a plan for the increased traffic? How can we have government officials chosen by the people make such a change without seriously considering the input from the people they serve? I am certain if more people in Stansbury were aware of the plan, there would have been more objecting to it. The people deserve to have a voice on a matter that will affect them daily! Could we still vote with a write-in ballot, or have the rights of many people eliminated by one person and three commissioners chosen by the people?

Erica VanAmerongen

Stansbury Park

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