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October 4, 2016
Charlene Albarran has sincere ‘I care’ spirit

Why would a long-time, politically involved Republican actively support Democrat Charlene Albarran for Congress?

It’s simple: In addition to being well-qualified, genuine, bright and committed, Albarran generates enthusiasm.

She exuberates a sincere “I care” spirit straight from her heart.

Not only do we want someone like Albarran to represent us in D.C., we need her.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have attended countless GOP neighborhood mass meetings and caucuses, and served as both a county and state delegate.

As an independent that leans slightly to the right, I have yet to vote a straight party ticket. However, I found a comfortable home in the Party of Lincoln for over 40 years.

This year when the GOP masses decided to send an unethical, money-first, panty chasing candidate to the top of its presidential ticket, I officially became unaffiliated.

My parents instilled in me early the duty and responsibility to vote. Words from my Tooele High U.S. history teacher Holger Tychsen still ring clear: “If you don’t vote you can’t gripe.” (He actually used a verb that this family newspaper does not print.)

Albarran and I first met earlier this year when she shared with me her personal background, stances on federal issues, and desire to serve the people of Utah. I liked her and am comfortable with her political positions.

She has since appeared at numerous community gatherings in Tooele County. You may have seen her waving from the “Vote Charlene” float in our Fourth of July parade.

Albarran later spent an afternoon and evening strolling through the Tooele County Fair introducing herself and visiting with our residents.

In mid-August, Albarran came to the Stansbury Days parade and family activities while meeting one-on-one with people of all ages and walks of life.

Just last week she held a town meeting at the Tooele City Library. She has the personality and energy to represent us well in the halls of Congress.

Beyond her personal traits, Albarran knows what needs to change in Congress and has the experience to make a positive difference in our behalf.

“The major thing I learned with my math degree is that when confronted with a large problem, the key is to break it down,” she explains on her web site.

“We must negotiate on a bipartisan level and reach common ground in order to move forward. The gridlock stubborn ways are not working. I will reach out to all people, young and old, rich and poor, Democrats and Republicans.”

She adds, “We are the people of the United States and we must stand strong and we must stand united.”

I encourage you to go to for detailed information, but here are few highlights that brought me into her camp.

• Albarran is committed to do her part to protect the 120,000 tourism-related Utah jobs and help create new clean energy jobs.

• Among her top priorities is giving college students and graduates the tools to re-structure student loans.

• She loves the beauty of the outdoors and values protecting our air, water and land. She will promote stewardship to protect our natural resources.

• One of her main focuses will be to provide information so we can all do a better job conserving our most precious natural resource: water.

While I disagree with her on some political points, I feel she is the best candidate to represent us.

If you are satisfied with the direction of Congress and what their members have accomplished in recent years, then vote for the candidate on the Republican ticket.

Otherwise, seriously look at Albarran’s qualifications, intelligence and commitment to serve us. She will positively impact a stale House of Representatives that definitely needs a new look and voice.

Roberts is a resident of Stansbury Park.

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