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January 9, 2020
Charter schools get report cards from state school board

Scholar Academy outpaced state average in student growth 

Along with report cards for school districts and their schools, the Utah State Board of Education also released school report cards — based on the same information — for charter schools.

Tooele County has three charter schools: Bonneville Academy in Stansbury Park, Excelsior Academy in Erda, and Scholar Academy in Tooele City.

Two pieces of data included on school report cards are student achievement and growth in English language arts, math and science. Achievement is reported as the percentage of students that reached the “mastery” level on the RISE assessment administered to students in grades 3-8.

Student growth is a measurement of individual student improvement in achievement.

Scholar Academy’s growth scores outpaced the state average in all three subject areas. The state rated Scholar Academy’s growth rates as “high.”

Excelsior Academy’s ELA and math achievement scores were 2 percentage points below the state average, but its science score was 5 percentage points above the state average.

Bonneville Academy’s achievement scores were below the state average in ELA and math, but 1 percentage point higher than the state average in science.

All three of the charter schools in Tooele County enroll students in grades K-8.

School report cards include a variety of information on schools.

“School report cards are designed to show each school’s strengths and areas in need of improvement in order to ensure Utah schools are meeting the needs of all students. The school report card is an interactive, online tool designed for parents that is easily searchable, provides detail into specific content areas, and clearly displays school-level information,” reads an answer to a frequently asked question about school report cards on the USBE website.

Charter schools are tuition-free publicly funded schools open to any Utah student. Charter Schools are governed by independent boards.

The full report card for a school can be found at Scroll down and select “Data Gateway,” and then select the school’s name from the drop down menu to see the full report card.


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