Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

March 8, 2005
Cheerleaders insulted

First and foremost, I am not trying to start a war of words in the newspaper. I am just writing to say that I am very disappointed in how some of our athletes at Tooele High School are being treated. I am very proud that the basketball team did so well. But I am equally proud of our cheer squad. While our basketball team came home to cheers and congratulations by all, our cheer squad came home from their competition to a few relatives at the airport and “boos” from their peers at the school assembly. I guess some people felt that the cheerleaders should have foreseen the basketball team winning the state championship and canceled their engagement at the nationals in Florida.

The cheerleaders have spent countless hours decorating houses, lockers, school windows, etc. They have supported all the sporting events throughout the school year, and now, because they had a previous engagement that is equally important, they have been deemed the “bad guys”!

I have always encouraged my children to pursue their goals and dreams whether it be basketball, cheerleading, or something else and I feel like the many hours that the cheerleaders have put in all year, practicing early in the mornings and late at night so that they can have their chance to make it to the top should be considered. Where were all the supporters when they arrived home?

They stood proudly at the assembly and sang the school song, through the jeers and the boos. There were no front page articles in the local paper about their efforts. But I want people to know that they are athletes too and they deserve more than the disrespect of their peers. So to the Tooele High School cheerleaders, I say congratulations and way to go. I think you are great! And to the principal at Tooele High School maybe you need to — in you own words — “buck up” and acknowledge these girls as the athletes that they are!

Ana Wilding

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