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April 5, 2005
Cheerleading is a sport

I have continued to read the newspaper since I moved away to go to school, and have never written a letter to the editor but feel that I should. I cheered at Tooele High for three years, and I agree that it would have been nice to have the cheerleaders at the state basketball games, but these girls work so hard to qualify for their nationals, and there was no way to see into the future that [the basketball team] would win state, or make it that far in the tournament to begin with.

I don’t think that people/students in the community really know what is required of these girls. They practice every day at 6 in the morning (including the summer) to prepare for their competition season that begins in November. On top of this they have community functions they are required to attend. The athletes and club members get their homes/lockers decorated all year long (and most of that comes out of their own pocket). They plan skits and assemblies for the student body, and they are a yearround sport!

In the three years that I cheered we would rairly get a thank you, or were recognized for our acomplishments. My senior year we asked a few football players to stunt with us for fun and I bet if you ask any of them they would confirm that cheerleading is a sport.

I just feel that the girls are getting a bum deal when they work as hard as do the basketball players. I don’t know why students/ parents would require the girls to miss their nationals when you wouldn’t ask the same of any of the sports teams, not to mention that they are required to pay their own way. The school doesn’t pay for anything for their “sport.” These girls pay for their uniforms, sweats, entry fees for competition and a large portion of the supplies/ treats that they give to the teams to be recognized.

I think that before you are so critical maybe take a step back and see what they have done for all the sports programs and clubs this year.

I just want to say congratulations to the basketball team and the girls, all your hard work paid off!

Kirsha (Graham) Buttars

Logan, Utah

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