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October 29, 2020
Chemical manufacturing and storage facility seeks CUP

Industrial Depot business wants to handle chemicals 

The Tooele City Planning Commission voted to recommend a conditional use permit for a chemical manufacturing and storage facility in the Industrial Depot during their Wednesday evening meeting.  

During the meeting, Andrew Aagard, city planner presented the request by Steve Morrey, representing Savage Services, also known as Savage Tooele Transload.

Savage Tooele Transload is a company that specializes in the transfer of products from rail cars to semi-trucks for transport to local facilities.

They operate at temporary in the City but want to relocate to located to the Industrial Depot at 1752 West B Avenue.

The company wants to work with various chemicals such as ammonia nitrate and ammonia nitrate prill, with the possibility of other chemicals in the future.

If Savage Tooele Transload changes any of the chemicals they will be working with, they will have to notify the fire department, but they won’t have to seek permission from the fire department or city officials, Aagard said.

The company doesn’t want to manufacture chemicals on the 12.5-acre site or store them there for the long-term, because the purpose of the business is to transfer the chemicals from rail cars and rail tankers to semi-trucks for distribution, according to Aagard. 

“All they do is move it from one tank to another for on the road transportation,” said Aagard.

The maximum amount of time chemicals would be stored at the facility is 24 hours, or just slightly more, he said.

The property is currently zoned I industrial, as well as the surrounding properties.

Prior to this application, Savage Tooele Transload has been before the planning commission twice to obtain land for a temporary place to run their business.

The planning commission previously approved their requests for two undisclosed temporary locations.

“They [the company[ is prepared to transfer all operations to this new facility,” said Aagard. “The operations at the temporary locations will cease and be consolidated to this site.”

Some of the same conditions have been added to the CUP application by City staff that the company had to follow at their temporary locations.

Proper containment procedures in case of a chemical spill and to prevent groundwater contamination were two of the conditions that Savage Tooele Transload will have to follow, according to Aagard.

Aagard said that the company must also use all spill containment measures related to local, state, and federal regulations and the semi-trucks that will be traveling to the property must use already established semi-truck routes.

“It is Savage’s responsibility to ensure their truck drivers are aware of and utilize the established truck routes,” said Aagard.

At the end of the discussion, a public hearing was held but no comments were made via email or in person.

All of the members of the planning commission voted to approve the request for a conditional use permit.


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