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image Tooele City Second Step Drug and Alcohol Prevention Project Grand Prize Winner Malin Clegg, winner Back Row: Chief Adrian Day, Mayor Debbie Winn, Councilman Ed Hansen, Councilman Justin Brady, Councilman Tony Graf, Curtis Orton (Teacher, Sterling Elementary), Sandy Medina (Tooele City Communities That Care Schools Program Coordinator). Front Row: Malin Clegg (Sterling Elementary), Councilwoman Maresa Manzione, Councilman Dave McCall, Officer Perez, Sgt. Sagers

April 19, 2022
‘Choose the Better Way’

Malin Clegg, 6th grade student at Sterling Elementary School in Curtis Orton’s class, wrote and performed this poem to win the Tooele City Second Step Drug and Alcohol Prevention Project grand prize.

‘Choose the Better Way’

Addiction is a struggle that some of us face,

But we can benefit by staying away from that chase.

We must be responsible and politely turn down,

Marijuana and tobacco that we might find downtown.

If we avoid these substances, we are healthy and alert,

We don’t have breathing problems, and exercise doesn’t hurt.

We can excel in college and get into great careers,

No chemicals affect our minds or control our hopes and fears.

Your future really matters, and your worth doesn’t have length,

So always be so careful, come with armor and with strength.

Be focused on your future, keep an open mind and heart,

If you can do these things, your life is off to a great start.

There are many roads to take in our long journey of life,

So choose the path that keeps you from depression and from strife.

If you have been addicted then it is really okay,

Just try to break those habits and choose a better way.

There are people all around you who love you and who care,

And will help with your struggles anytime, anywhere.

Always just remember you’re important and we’re all here,

So put your past behind you, we’ll listen, and we’ll hear.

Thank you, officers, teachers, and classmates,For your time, your support, and your kindness. The pleasure has been mine!

– Malin Clegg

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