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December 25, 2012
Christmas Angels

by Cody Deeter



When the angels came down to the shepherds that night

Clothed in goodness and glory and heavenly light,

The message they sent was one of good cheer,

That message that night still rings true through the years.


Peace and good will, peace to all men,

That is the hope and the message, my friend,

That I give to you as we ponder anew

What the birth of a babe born to a Jew

2,000 years ago, in a faraway place

In a lowly stable turned a heavenly space.


What it means is good cheer, happiness to all!

That was his mission to the great, to the small.

A healer, a deliverer, a friend to all men.

He’s lifted our burdens, and calls us his friends!


Love and kindness, peace and good will

That was his message and his message still!

Let us cling to his goodness!

Let us call on his grace!

Let it saturate our souls

‘till we find in our countenance his face!


Then we’ll bring good tidings of peace, love and joy,

We’ll bear the message of the heavenly boy!

And just like the angels that first Christmas night,

We’ll point the way to the heavenly light!

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