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April 26, 2022
Church members encouraged to share the gospel of Jesus Christ

Church president Russell M. Nelson kick-started the general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints earlier this month with clear direction that as members of the Church, “We have the sacred responsibility to share the power and peace of Jesus Christ with all who will listen.”

I love the direction the Church is taking: Love-Share-Invite the gospel with our friends and neighbors. This direction typifies President Nelson’s style to simplify.

“We have the sacred responsibility to share the power and peace of Jesus Christ with all who will listen and who will let God prevail in their lives,” President Nelson said. He added, “Dear young friends, you are each vital to the Lord. He has held you in reserve until now to help gather Israel. Your decision to serve a mission, whether a proselyting or a service mission, will bless you and many others. We also welcome senior couples to serve when their circumstances permit. Their efforts are simply irreplaceable.” 

Here are some other thoughts from the General Conference on our responsibility to “warn our neighbors” of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of the Gospel:

After reflecting upon his service as a missionary in Great Britain, Church Apostle M. Russell Ballard instructed the young men of the Church to “Commit to yourselves and to your Heavenly Father that you will serve a mission and that from this time forward you will strive to keep your hearts, hands, and minds clean and worthy. I invite you to gain a solid testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Sister Reyna I. Aburto, who joined the Church as a single mother in her mid-twenties said, “Our purpose in His kingdom should be to bring each other to Christ.”

Marcos A. Aidukaitis advised prospective missionaries, “While there are many ways to help in the gathering, I would like to speak of one in particular: serving as a full-time missionary. But the world tries to distract youth from this most sacred responsibility using fear and insecurities. Some other distractions might be experiencing a pandemic, leaving a good job, putting off education, or being particularly interested in someone romantically. Everyone will have his or her own set of challenges. Such distractions can arise at precisely the time of embarking in the service of the Lord, and choices that seem obvious later are not always as easy in the moment.”

Church Apostle Quentin L. Cook said, “For the Savior’s mandate to share the gospel to become part of who we are, we need to become converted to the will of God; we need to love our neighbors, share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and invite all to come and see.”

In the women’s session of conference, Sister Susan H. Porter concluded her remarks by saying, “I pray that we can come to the Savior, like the woman at the well, and drink of His living water. With the people of Samaria, we can then declare, ‘Now we believe, … for we have heard him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the world.’” 

Rebecca L. Craven said, “Being a disciple of Jesus Christ involves more than just hoping or believing. It calls for effort, movement, and commitment. It requires that we do something, being “doers of the word, and not hearers only.”

Charlie Roberts is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in Stansbury Park.

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