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April 11, 2019
City OKs permit for chemical transload at industrial depot

The Tooele City Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit that allows an explosive manufacturing and storage company to transfer chemical product at the Peterson Industrial Depot during its meeting Wednesday night. 

The permit would affect 4 acres of property east of South Feldspar Road, which is already zoned for industrial use. The company requesting the permit, Davey Bickford USA, will not produce or manufacture chemicals on site, but will transfer them between train cars and tractor-trailers, and store them for periods of up to 24 hours. 

There will be no buildings on site, just railroad spurs and transloading equipment, according to Tooele City zoning administrator Andrew Aagard. 

“Employees will arrive at the site, transfer the material and return to the main office or staging area,” Aagard said. 

Davey Bickford USA previously applied for a similar conditional use permit at a different property on Kira Drive, which was also approved by the planning commission at its Feb. 13 meeting. 

One of the chemicals transferred at the site would be ammonium nitrate prill, which is used in fertilizer or explosives, according to the federal Environmental Protection Agency. A safety data sheet about ammonium nitrate prill was included in the materials provided by Davey Bickford. 

The prill is a solid and could be “easily scooped up and properly disposed of,” according to the city’s staff report. Dave Bickford USA provided spill containment information should a spill occur. 

City staff recommended approval, with conditions that include truck traffic following established routes, chemical spill containment following local, state and federal regulations, and requiring the company to notify the Tooele City Fire Department of any changes in product type prior to accepting the new product. 

Truck are essentially only allowed to use state highways outside the industrial depot, according to the staff report. Only state Route 36, 1000 North west of Main Street and state Route 112 west of the 1000 North intersection would be permitted for truck traffic. Utah Avenue is no longer an approved truck route. 

Following the presentation by Aagard, a public hearing was held. No one spoke during the public hearing and Aagard said none of the adjacent property owners notified of the permit responded either. 

On a motion from Commissioner Tyson Hamilton, seconded by Commissioner Bucky Whitehouse, the commission unanimously approved the conditional use permit.


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