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September 6, 2018
Clarity of Vision

High-Performance Coach Madeline Bracken of Tooele embraces focus and passion 

Madeline Bracken, a work-at-home, high performance coach in Tooele, starts her workday with a small Crystal Light drink and one of the easiest tasks on her list. 

The goal is to get into her flow, where work comes naturally and she can move from one task to another with efficiency and speed.

“If you allow yourself to focus, it feels like a superpower,” she said.

In one block of work time, she only has three hours to get everything done.

“It almost makes it more of a challenge, a fun challenge,” she said. “I’m always amazed at how easy it is to get everything done when you’re actually just focusing on it.” 

This productivity-oriented outlook comes naturally to Bracken. While growing up, her mother worked as a motivational speaker. Bracken became used to visitors in her home that included Bob Proctor and Cynthia Kersey, president of Unstoppable Enterprises.

They helped shape Bracken’s life. Focus, being clear on what she wants and living with passion became natural lifestyle choices for her. Now, at age 28, she’s raising two multi-lingual children, working on an MBA degree and running a successful coaching business on the side. 

She’s an author, too. On July 5, Bracken released her first book, “Your Billionaire Mind: Creating your Dream Life One Proven Step at a Time.”

“It took hundreds and hundreds of hours of research,” said Bracken about writing her book.

Bracken said the idea for the book sparked from a presentation she gave soon after her daughter, Addie (now 3) was born.  At the time, she was working as a personal coach for a company called Achieve Today and was asked to give a presentation. 

“I was reading a lot of biographies on billionaires at the time, just because my whole life was focused around success,” Bracken said. “And I started noticing that you would read three books about one billionaire and you would find one nugget of wisdom about how their mind worked, like a mind trick, something they would do.”

Bracken said both Joe Vitale (best known for his appearance on the documentary “The Secret”) and Joe Morton, a founder of Xango, told her she needed to write a book based on her presentation. She worked on the book consistently for about nine hours a week for two years, reading biography after biography about billionaires and the mindsets that make them great. 

“People are always like, you must be so busy, but I’m not,” Bracken said, who limits herself to 15 work hours every week. “The majority of the time I’m sitting home with my kids or adventuring, but it’s because those 15 hours are so effective that I’m able to do what I do.”

Her choice to be a full-time mother and still have a career has required some sacrifices. After Addie was born, Bracken realized it was time to give up her secure company coaching job and strike out on her own. 

“I found that I used to work 40 hours a week and get a certain amount done,” she said. “Now, with my kids, I have decided I only want to work 15 hours a week, but I’m so effective during those 15 hours.”

Bracken moved from an office environment with a sales team that kept her booked with customers to a home office where she’s in charge of every aspect of her business. Even so, she’s determined to make sure she’s both emotionally and physically available for her family.

“I never multitask,” she said. “I never even attempt to work if my kids are home. Like never, ever. I’ll never put them in front of a TV. I’ll never be like ‘Oh, I’m going to do this really quick while they’re napping.’ If my kids are home, I’m 100 percent with them. I just know that it’s not fair to either of us and all of my work does take so much mental power and I have to really get into the flow.”

To make the most of her time with her children, Bracken reaches into her neighborhood. She bikes nearly everywhere she goes, pulling her 11-month-old son, Dawson, and Addie in a trailer behind her. She hosts a mother-child playgroup, as well.  

Education is important to Bracken. She reads an average of 15 books with her children every day. She’s also teaching them to communicate in both English and Spanish, alternating the languages she speaks at home with her children every other day. She plans to have them learn Mandarin Chinese, as well.

While her husband, Jacob, works full time, he also helps clean around the house. He’s supportive of Bracken’s decision to work from home, which means he’s also willing to help baby-sit when the need arises. 

“Jacob is the reason I became a coach in the first place,” she said. “I was being presented with two different jobs. One paid very well, and the other was the coaching job that didn’t pay very well. Jacob was like, ‘Madeline, you’ll never regret a decision that gives you less money if you can get an education for it.’”

“He knows my passion projects are just as important as his job,” she said. 

Bracken also said it’s her goal to be able to make as much money or more as Jacob makes in case something were to ever happen to him. It’s the reason she’s progressing toward her MBA degree through University of the People as well as running a business.

“That’s why I’m doing it, but I’m taking a slower route,” she said. “I could finish it really fast, but because I’ve got kids, I’m taking a slower route. … It will take three years as opposed to two years, but as long as it gets done, that’s fine.”

While she studies, she sets up her work schedule based on when she’s able to get a babysitter.

“I do a lot of babysitting swapping, so I’ll have a babysitter for 15 hours a week or my husband will watch them, but those 15 hours a week are sacred,” Bracken said.

Her workweek starts with a planning session on the weekends.

“I write down my week goals every Sunday at church while I’m in a meditative state,” Bracken said. “I write down my week goals, and then every single night as I go to bed, I’ll write down my daily goals so the moment I have that free time of a babysitter, I know exactly what I’m going to get done. There’s no guesswork.”

Bracken works in three-hour blocks, sometimes twice a day but never more than five sessions a week. She’s able to keep her focus partly because she’s learned how to turn down opportunities that come her way. 

She recently turned down an opportunity to open up a new branch of Talkbox.Mom, a multi-lingual learning company owned by a friend who hoped to expand her business to Utah. Bracken knew she wouldn’t be able to run the new branch, study for her MBA, continue with her coaching clients and devote herself to her family all at once.

“That’s really hard,” she said. “I think as much as having the right plan, it’s also about saying no.”

That clarity of vision is something she builds her world around. It’s so important to Bracken that it’s the topic of the first chapter in her book, and also the first topic in her 12-step coaching sessions.

“The hardest thing about being a passionate person is that there’s so much to be passionate about,” she said, explaining how easy it is to get distracted from your core goals by other possibilities.

“We focus on clarity, because everyone questions what they want, and it’s the number one question,” she said. “It’s what do you want, really? Tell me what you want. Keep pulling for that.”

Bracken’s executive coaching program is 12 step-by-step sessions long. She describes it as a mix of high performance coaching mixed with law of attraction principles.  

When she’s not writing, coaching or studying, Bracken and her family might be traveling somewhere. Addie has already been on 150 flights. So far, their favorite vacation has been to Boston.

It’s another part of the lifestyle Bracken and her husband chose for their family. Bracken’s focus on what she wants and moving steadily toward her goals allows them to enjoy life the way they want to. She credits it to her ability to stay on task when she sets a goal for herself.

“I’ve had to make it that way, because it’s so easy to get disorganized,” she said. “It’s about setting aside your time and making it sacred. No matter what, that time is yours.”

‘Your Billionaire Mind: Creating your Dream Life One Proven Step at a Time’ is available on

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