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February 25, 2014
Come forward and be counted?

I believe in our citizens. I know they are smart. They don’t need to be spoon-fed a campaign piece that deflects blame to know that the Tooele County Commissioners have the final say on what does or does not get funded each year. The citizens also know that the elected Tooele County Auditor is not supposed to be just a potted plant.

If you are a ship that is heading for an iceberg and the captain is asleep, a prudent person would not just sit by and tell everyone else that the captain is negligent as the ship heads for certain doom. A leader would act and help steer the ship away from danger.

As our County Auditor are you admitting that you simply watched our Rainy Day Fund get whittled down to nothing? Are you suggesting that it was not your duty to warn the public that what the commissioners were doing was financially devastating, even if it made your co-workers uncomfortable? Surely the citizens of Tooele County can refer to a past editorial in the paper, a public speech, or other evidence of you hollering at the top of your lungs. Certainly, you went on record during a commission meeting where you called out the commissioners for their irresponsible ways and the looming financial crisis they were taking us towards. Those comments can be found in recorded minutes of such a meeting, right?

The commissioners have already accepted their portion of blame for the county’s financial woes — especially those that were in office during the spending spree. But when will you come forward and be counted? When will you take a turn to apologize for not warning us that we needed to make better decisions at the ballot box? So far you haven’t. You owe it to your constituents to admit your lack of oversight and improper auditing of poor decisions made by the executive branch. Also, to those 100 employees that lost their jobs.

I hope citizens demand better of our next Tooele County Clerk/Auditor and vote accordingly this November. I hope that they elect someone who isn’t afraid to speak up when other elected officials take our county in the wrong direction year after year. I trust they now realize we need a Clerk/Auditor with strong skills, professional experience in auditing, and someone who isn’t too shy to speak up in order to protect our tax dollars. We’ve experimented with county leadership composed of “nice” people for years, and look where that’s gotten us.

Toby H. Lee

Tooele City

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