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October 23, 2018
Comments left readers with skewed, inaccurate impression

Dear Citizens of Tooele County, 

My name is Mary McGann and I am the chair of the Grand County Council. I was voted into office by a large majority of Grand County voters. Thus, the majority of people in Grand County share my views. This editorial comment is my own. I do not believe it is my place to advise another county on the form of government they should choose.

On Oct. 8, an Op-Ed appeared on the “No Prop 6 Tooele Facebook” page [and as a guest opinion in the Tooele Transcript Bulletin on Oct. 16] written by Curtis Wells, vice-chair of the Grand County Council, urging voters to vote “no” on Proposition #6. His Op-Ed would lead many to believe that a switch in 1992 from a three-person commission form of government to a seven-person council has been a disaster for Grand County and that his views represented those of the Grand County Council. 

His comments leave readers with a skewed and inaccurate impression of the situation. In order to counter these inaccuracies, here are some things to consider:

• Mr. Wells was not speaking for the Grand County Council. He was expressing his own personal views.

• Our present form of government has had many positive benefits. These include overseeing a period of economic growth, improved community and recreation facilities, a funding mechanism for roads and trails, and greater citizen participation.

• Grand County voters have repeatedly endorsed our current seven-person council form of government.

• After an initial favorable vote in 1992, voters chose to retain the council in 2004 and again in 2012. In all three elections, the council form prevailed by a large margin.

The Grand County Council and the majority of voters support our present form of government and are only changing it because council vice-chair Curtis Wells worked with state legislators to insert an amendment into HB224 mandating that Grand and Morgan counties switch to different forms of government, regardless of whether or not voters in those counties desire such a switch.

Mary McGann is a resident of Moab and a retired schoolteacher. She is chair of the Grand County Council.

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