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March 8, 2018
Commission approves plat for Saddleback homes

Saddleback in Lake Point continues to grow.

The Tooele County Planning Commission approved the preliminary and final plats for phase six of the Pastures at Saddleback during its meeting Wednesday night at the county building.

Phase six of The Pastures is located east of Cobblerock Road and south of Sunset Road. It will be a 53-lot development.

The plat approval was questioned by some Lake Point residents. Jonathan Garrard questioned the width of the roads in the Pastures.

“According to the development agreement, the roads are supposed to be 60-feet wide,” Garrard said. “And they are maybe 40-feet wide.”

The wider roads are needed to accommodate cars parked on the road in the higher density neighborhood, according to Garrard.

The development agreement calls for a 60-foot right-of-way dedication, which does not mean 64 feet of road pavement from curb to curb after sidewalks, curb and gutter, and utility easements are included, said Chris Robinson, Saddleback developer.

Jason Losee, Tooele County planner, said the plans for the road will meet county standards and once they are finished, the roads will be inspected by the county roads department.

“The bonds for the improvements will not be released until the roads are inspected and they comply with the approved plans,” Losee said.

Dave Blundell had questions about open space.

“There’s no open space in the plat,” Blundell said. “Each plat should have one quarter open space. If he [Chris Robinson] is counting open space in the Green Ravine, he doesn’t own it anymore.”

Robinson replied that the development agreement allows him to bank open space in other areas of the development. He also said that he has traded the Green Ravine Conservation Area for other property with the Bureau of Land Management, however the development agreement does not require that he maintain ownership of the open space.

Robinson said he can maintain ownership of the open space, deed it to a homeowners association, or give the ownership to a public agency.

“In this case, I thought it was best that Green Ravine be in public hands of an agency like the BLM,” he said.

Planning Commission Chairman Lynn Butterfield said the planning staff is tracking open space dedicated by Robinson on a spreadsheet to make sure he is in compliance with the Saddleback development agreement.

Butterfield also said the land swap agreement between Robinson and the BLM prevents the BLM from selling or developing the property.

Approved by the Tooele County Commission in 1998, the development agreement for Saddleback allows an average density of one house per acre on the 2,585 acres covered by the agreement, but allows for smaller lots in exchange for open space.

The agreement is a legally binding contract between the county and the landowner. The term of the agreement is for 50 years.

The Saddleback development agreement allows for homes on lots as small as 8,000-square-feet while requiring 50 percent of the total area be designated as open space.

The development at completion has the potential to add 2,500 homes with 10,000 residents to the Lake Point area, according to the Tooele County general plan for the Lake Point community.

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