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April 12, 2005
Community colorful

I am writing in response to a letter in the March 29 newspaper written by Louise Curtis.

I have lived in Tooele nearly all my life and have watched what was once a beautiful, small town where people knew each other and cared about each other, to being a sprawling metropolis of nothing but fast food restaurants, the same color houses and Wal-Mart!

I look out over what was once farmers’ fields that housed pheasants and foxes and am disgusted and heart sickened that they have been replaced by seas of colorless houses. Many of them lived in, I’m afraid, by the same sort of smallminded and unimaginative people as yourself!

As for the people of Cottage Glen … how dare you propose to know what they think of the St. Barnabas Center! Have you asked them? You speak as if St. Barnabas is new to our town! Only the building is new. St. Barnabas has been in Tooele since I was very young, and I can assure you that is quite some time. So it seems to me that it is you people in your colorless little houses who should have learned more about the town you have moved into.

We have quite a diverse community, especially when it comes to matters of religion and color. We are not all Mormons, and we are not all self-righteous, dull people!

I say this in honor of all the diverse, wonderful and colorful people of our community … if you can’t handle the beautiful colors, Ms. Curtis, buy yourself a cheap pair of sunglasses!

Dorothy Bankhead

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