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January 7, 2014
Compare two counties

How can the most destructive set of county commissioners Tooele County has ever had, whose lack of wisdom, poor decisions and lack of fiscal sense has nearly bankrupted our county and destroyed the lives of many citizens, dare to suggest that they deserve bonuses because there is now a surplus?

Tips and bonuses are given for a job well done, not for foolish decisions that have made Tooele County the laughing stock and most terribly run county in the state.

Compare two counties with a financial crisis. Cache County called all their county employees in for a meeting, explaining their financial difficulty. The commissioners volunteered to work for half their salaries and asked the rest of the county workers to take a 2 percent cut in pay. They all cooperated. No one lost their jobs, no departments or services were cut, and they were able to pull out of their money crunch in about four years. No one lost retirement or insurance benefits. No lives were destroyed.

The Tooele County Commissioners raised taxes on everybody in the county and made everybody else sacrifice, and are now giving themselves a bonus because they met budget with a little to spare? Wow! How self-serving and dishonest! Put that $200,000 into a county “Rainy Day Fund” or the county’s “General Fund.” This is the taxpayers’ money, not bonuses for the biggest failures ever voted into office.

Yvonne Hiss


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