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September 8, 2020
Concerning community trend

I am beginning to see a concerning trend in our community. We have several people who have grown to distrust government officials because they do not understand the reasons for development. They think that the only reason government officials would allow development is corruption. This lack of trust is becoming so widespread that I worry for the future of our county. 

I am not a developer, and I do not personally know any developers. But I understand that all three homes I have lived in within Tooele County could not have been built without developers. I appreciate having roads, indoor plumbing, electricity, and natural gas; and I am glad I did not have to figure out how to connect to them on my own. Without developers I would not be able to live where I live and have the awesome neighbors that I have. I am grateful for the person who sold the land I live on to a developer. And I am grateful for that developer.  

I know that I am not the last person who is going to find Tooele County and want to live here. People need homes; someday I hope my children can buy homes here. We need land to be developed. Good thing there are people who know how to do it! 

There are people who only agree with development if homes are built on large lots. Imagine if all of Salt Lake County had been built on 5-acre lots. How much open land would be filled with homes? How far would people have to drive to get to work? It is great that large lots exist for those of us who want them, but it is not wise to force all development to be that way. Most people cannot afford or maintain a large lot. 

Some people feel that everyone should sign every referendum as a way of showing that you have a right to vote. This equates to believing that every item our elected officials decide on should be voted on by the people. This would be ridiculously expensive and time-consuming. As a citizen I do not want to have to research every decision that elected officials make. We elect officials to make decisions for us and avoid these logistics. Referendums are a way of showing that you do not agree with a decision made, not a way to demand the right to vote. We have that right already.

My hope is that people will continue to care about what happens in our county; that they will research candidates running for office; and that they will watch, research, and give input on items that are of concern to them. But I hope that we can appreciate the work done by people in authority and that we can trust them to make decisions based on what is good for the whole of the people. 

Gwen Ruebush

Lake Point

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