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January 28, 2020
Condemned to repeat it

This is in response to Jeff Saunders’ guest opinion in the Jan. 7 Open Forum section titled “How did we get to the Divided States of America?”

I think that’s a good question. But I take exception to some of the foundation laid out in the piece, and assertions based on talking points of the Left. So let’s take a look from the viewpoint of a reasonable man.

Was President Trump “shaking down” another government? Personal favor? Did you know there is a US/Ukraine Treaty on criminal activity/corruption? There sure is: Treaty Doc 1-06-16, 106th Congress, 1st Session. “Treaty between the United States of America and Ukraine on mutual Legal Assistance…” Which allows, and in some instances, requires cooperation from both countries. Was there corruption? There wasn’t if you choose to ignore the video of Vice President Biden openly admitting to a “Quid Quo Pro” insisting Ukraine fire the head prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter Biden. Out of all witnesses called to testify, only one had first-hand knowledge of the call. His testimony indicated there was no Quid Pro Quo/wrongdoing as suggested. The rest of the “testimony” was pure hearsay or opinion. No first-hand facts.

“The White House refused to let people testify and turn over requested documents.” This is news? Past administrations dealing with Congress have done this very same thing. This is political SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for a president. But this didn’t fit the narrative for the Democratic Party. Things were just too terrible. Too extreme. Too dangerous to wait. The soul of the country was at risk! They needed to push forward now!

It’s not too difficult to see how this country has become divided if your willing to listen and do a little research. God, family, country are no longer the priority. Is it right or is it wrong has been replaced with “it isn’t fair.” Massive decline in our social morality. Our public education system has become a public indoctrination system. Common sense has been replaced with ignorance and foolishness. “Talking points” have replaced truth, honesty, facts. Only the government knows what’s best for you. Only government can keep you safe.

It’s way past time to wake up to what’s really going on. In 1956, Nikita Khrushchev at the Polish Embassy in Moscow addressing Western Ambassadors: “We will bury you!” In 1960, Nakita Khrushchev, United Nations, pounds the podium: “We will take America without firing a shot.” These were not idol threats. You can see it happening today if you’re paying attention.

All this was taught in civics/history class back in the day. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — “Life of Reason,” George Santayana.

Louis Duquette


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