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February 19, 2019
Confused and defeated kids

I haven’t submitted anything in a long time. Let my subscription expire also. I understand most of my submissions are too radical, too pointed for the Transcript Bulletin letter’s section. But isn’t that what free speech is? Voicing an opinion to open a dialog? Way too many things are kept unchallenged in this community. So here we go.

Dear parents whose children attend West Elementary, and to parents whose children are in the Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program: Read the article in our local paper regarding the concerns of the West Elementary Students in DLI. At 17 our children are grown and on their own. When my wife and I read about the challenges (and costs) of education today, we just shake our heads. 

Educational “wizards” have abandoned a system that worked to replace it with something that confuses and defeats your kids. DLI programs for kids in grade school just shouldn’t be there. These young minds need a foundation in basic life skills and an understanding of basic English, Math, Science and History. 

Pressure to learn another language in grade school shouldn’t be added to the pressure of growing up. The time for your kids to take on the challenge of another language is junior high or high school, on their own terms. Furthermore, the school board is paid by our tax dollars. They are our employees. They should be doing what you believe is best for your kids. Not sitting there in front of you calmly, with every intention to doing it their way no matter what you want.

Louis Duquette


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