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March 8, 2005
Consider sewer plan

Did you know that the Stockton’s proposal for a sewer project is ranked number 12 with the state Water Quality Board out of 250 plus other communities that are vying for a limited amount of funding?

Did you know that the Tooele County Health Department is in full support of the proposed sewer project?

Did you know that the town is now responsible to repay all monies (now in excess of $250,000) advanced by the state Water Quality Board for preliminary engineering and bonding for the first sewer project bid proposal because of three Stockton Town Council members’ careless votes?

Did you know that because of these three careless council members, our ability and credibility to do other worthwhile capital improvements, such as water projects, is now jeopardized because of bonding and potential town credit issues? I, like 15-plus other attendees of the last Stockton Town Council meeting, am still reeling from the purely personal political agenda of these three individuals. Regardless of a recent household survey showing a two-to-one margin in favor of forwarding the latest proposal to the state Water Quality Board, these same members have dismissed the town’s opinion, the county health department’s support of it and the state’s recommendation to give it such high priority.

As a friend of the town and I discussed the meeting, he told me of a saying he has on his wall, “Science proves it. Economics provides for it. Politics denies it.” This certainly has been proven true by those three politicians.

There is a lot more at stake for the Town of Stockton besides giving up the most favorable terms a community our size has had for a sewer system.

Did you know that under a current town ordinance, on top of having to bury a loved one, you could potentially be responsible for the testing and removal fees of the dirt displaced by the casket? Where are you going to take it? How much is that going to cost?

Because of the sewer system moving forward, we will have a perfected map of lead and arsenic contaminated control areas in town and a workable ordinance with realistic controls.

If the sewer project were to move forward as proposed, it will provide for the ability of the townspeople to dispose of lead and arsenic-contaminated soils in a vault that the county is willing to open up because of the sewer project and future EPA remediation work. So when your or your neighbor’s septic system goes afoul, you’ll now have to spend an additional $2,500 to $3,500 or more to haul off contaminated soil in addition to a new system cost of $3,000 to $4000.

Because of the sewer system moving forward, a complete map of improved roads and partially improved roads will have been created. This will allow for a capital road improvement plan with real scientific data when there currently isn’t one.

Did you know that potential ground water problem and that at some future date we will be forced to go to a centralized sewer system when the terms will not be as favorable for the town as they are now?

The proposal for a sewer project for the Town of Stockton is not a “pork” project. There is no one getting rich because of it. The state and other local agencies are in favor of it, because science proved it and the economics will provide for it. Good people have worked hard to do the right thing for our community and they should be applauded for not giving up.

It is the intent of this letter to notify the Stockton townspeople of the facts, as they stand today, and to hopefully stimulate the three council members to forget politics and do the right thing. We will be sending out petitioners to ask the voting populace of Stockton to move forward with this worthwhile project. After review of the petition by the council and in the event the town council does not change its position on the issue, we will seek other remedies.

Rob LaRue

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