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October 8, 2019
Construction on Tooele City’s new police building moving forward

Construction continues according to plan on Tooele City’s new $8.5 million public safety building behind City Hall.

A project update was presented at the Tooele City Council’s Oct. 2 work meeting by the Engineering Department that included details on the new police department building’s construction budget and logistical requirements.

Paul Hansen, the city’s contracting engineer, said the plan is to provide the building with a communications array that includes phones and an antenna system. He also noted a demand for new computers and desks in the facility to accommodate future manpower growth and to adhere to the city’s electronic data policies.

“We have a need for 38 computers in the new police station,” Hansen said. “Most of the computers existing are older than three years and the city has a policy of trying to rotate those out to keep failures from occurring because of the sensitive nature of the information on them and the liability [it presents]. 

“We’ll have places for each patrol sergeant to have a desk to work at instead of them having to wait for another officer to finish their reports,” he said.

Other key needs to meet demands of police operations in the new facility include office furnishings, as well as appliances to outfit a forensics lab for analyzing and protecting evidence.

Hansen said the project is below budget and the city is projected to have a leftover balance of $360,000. However, to account for the cost of unexpected circumstances, the original 3% contingency built into the maximum price contract with a $2.5 million ceiling would leave the city with a balance of $280,000 if it needs to be used.

The contract also has a provision for allowances up to $120,000 for inclement weather. However, the contractor is unable to access the contingency without Tooele City Mayor Debbie Winn’s approval.

“Budget-wise, we’re in very good shape,” Hansen said “We’re below what we thought we would be at and we’re doing everything we can to manage those costs and keep them down.”

A groundbreaking ceremony for the new facility on Garden Street was held on April 3 with an estimated 11-month completion period. The building is slated to undergo final inspections in mid-February with completion by March.

The project contractor is Big-D Construction with an $8.5 million guaranteed maximum price contract approved by the city’s Municipal Building Authority last March. JRCA Architects designed the building.

A $9 million loan through the state’s Permanent Community Impact Fund Board was obtained by the city to pay for the facility. The loan has a 30-year term at 2.5 percent interest, with an annual debt service of $417,000.

For the past 30 years, the Tooele City Police Department has been located at 323 N. Main Street in a former auto parts store. Last year city officials deemed the structure unfit to continue as a police department building and announced plans to construct a new facility.


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