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November 12, 2019
Could living a life focused on anticipatory change bring joy?

The five of us were sitting at Good Wood in celebration. We had many things to be grateful for: friendship, shelter, good jobs, and I could go on. Our time together was going along just as planned. As our fête continued through food and conversation, my friends’ stimulated pattern of changed thinking.

“We’re getting ready to update our kitchen and it’s so much fun!” Lennika said.

“We got a new refrigerator and we’ll be getting new countertops soon!” Tawny added.

“We’ve been in our home for about a year and there are so many things we want to do. But there are so many decisions,” Lennika said.

I looked at the two younger couples at the table with me. Just being with them seemed to channel unfound inspiration as I listened to their hopes and dreams.

“They’re revealing a list of missing treasures,” I thought.

Many of us have the tendency to go through such lists of unfound treasures as if not having obtained them yet leaves a large hole within. And that’s not what we were celebrating on this particular Friday evening. We were really talking about the nature of Anticipatory Change.

Lennika, Tawny, John and Adam were writing a script of the evolutionary character of Anticipatory Change

“Sometimes I just sit and stare at my kitchen, hoping to figure out what I want to do,” Lennika said. “Sometimes I feel silly about it!”

“I recently updated the bunkroom in my house,” I said. “I’d been doing the same type of staring for 22 years! I couldn’t quite see a solution for how to build new top-bunk access through the closet without losing a hanging rod for clothes. Then, one day, the solution hit me, as if right in the face. I could simply move the rod’s position 90 degrees! Not only would it solve a potential clash with new stairs, it would also increase the hanging space, in the closet, by about 30%! After I figured it out, it was like a Duh! moment.”

One of the keys to living a life filled with successful Anticipatory Change is to grasp the centralistic nature of time in the process. Once a person can marry passage of time with desired change, one can completely give up a feeling of loss, missing treasure, in favor of excitement. Or, the thrill of the chase. I call it a feeling of “Remagine.”

Could living a life focused on anticipatory change give you a feeling of Remagine?

Lynn Butterfield lives in Erda and is a managing broker for a real estate company.

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