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image Jacob Enslen, who served as a sergeant for the Lehi City Police Department, has been named Grantsville’s new police chief.

March 16, 2017
Council approves new police chief

Grantsville City has its new police chief, after Jacob Enslen was confirmed by the city council during its meeting Wednesday night.

Enslen served as a sergeant in the Lehi City Police Department prior to accepting a conditional offer from Grantsville City to replace outgoing police chief Kevin Turner. The city council unanimously approved the hiring of Enslen at the recommendation of Grantsville City Mayor Brent Marshall.

“His accomplishments and his resume is one that should be in ‘Who is who,’” Marshall said. “I’m excited to see him here.”

Enslen joined Lehi City police in October 2001 as a part-time officer before becoming a full-time officer in 2002, according to Cameron Boyle, Assistant to the Lehi City Administrator.

Grantsville City accepted 11 applications for the police chief position, according to Marshall. Job interviews were extended to six of the applicants, with five accepting interview requests, he said.

Enslen said his family fell in love with Grantsville during the hiring process.

“Since we began exploring this opportunity, my wife and my family and I have felt this was a good fit for us,” he said. “We just hoped that you all felt the same way.”

The 15-year police veteran said it will be difficult to replace Turner, who retired then accepted a job in Ferndale, Washington.

“I’m anxious to get started,” Enslen said. “I know I’ve got big shoes to fill. Kevin Turner was beloved by the department and by the city.”

During his comments, Enslen was also quick to express his admiration for the members of his new department.

“Getting to know them has been a pleasure,” he said. “They are an excellent group of officers and I’m excited for us to get to know each other a little bit better and to perform a professional and effective service to the city.”

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