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December 5, 2019
County adopts changes to moderate-income housing plan

It doesn’t guarantee housing, but provides more opportunities 

The Tooele County Commission adopted modifications to the portion of the county’s general plan that deals with moderate-income housing during its meeting Tuesday night.

“This a mandate by the state,” said County Commission chairman Tom Tripp.

County planner Jeff Miller explained that the state Legislature adopted legislation earlier this year that requires certain counties, including Tooele County, to modify or adopt changes to their general plan related to moderate income housing. The housing would be affordable for families with an annual gross income equal to or less than 80% of the median gross income for households of the same size in the county.

“It doesn’t guarantee them housing,” Miller said. “But it provides opportunities for that to occur.”

The legislation lists 22 implementation strategies for encouraging moderate income housing. The county needs to adopt at least three of those 22 in its general plan, according to Miller.

The Tooele County Planning Commission discussed the new legislation and came up with a list of seven of the 22 strategies that the county is already implementing.

The planning commission recommended that the County Commission adopt those seven strategies as part of the general plan.

Those seven strategies are:

• Rezone for densities necessary to ensure the production of moderate-income housing.

• Facilitate the rehabilitation or expansion of infrastructure that will encourage the construction of moderate-income housing.

• Create or allow for, and reduce regulations related to, accessory dwelling units in residential zones.

• Allow for higher density or moderate-income residential development in commercial and mixed-use zones, commercial centers, or employment centers.

• Encourage higher density or moderate-income residential development near major transit investment corridors.

• Apply for or partner with an entity that applies for State or Federal funds or tax incentives to promote the construction of moderate-income housing.

• Apply for or partner with an entity that applies for programs administered by a metropolitan planning organization.

In addition, Miller said the county is hoping to update the general plan in 2020. Additional modifications in the moderate-income housing plan may be made during that update process, he said.

The County Commission adopted the proposed changes to the moderate-income housing plan with a unanimous vote.


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