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January 9, 2020
County Commission considers repeal of PUD ordinance

Current ordinance ‘has some problems,’ says commissioner 

Although the Tooele County Commission has already heard a first and second reading on an ordinance to repeal and replace the county’s planned unit development ordinance, the commission held a first reading Tuesday night that would just repeal the PUD ordinance.

“The PUD ordinance has some problems and it may be a few months before we are ready to adopt a replacement,” said County Commission chairman Tom Tripp.

The County Commission’s practice has been to discuss action items during a first reading in a public meeting and then take action following a second reading in a subsequent meeting. Sometimes it takes more than a second reading before final action is taken.

The Tooele County Planning Commission approved a rewrite of Tooele County Land Use Ordinance Chapter 9, Planned Unit Developments, at its Oct. 16, 2019, meeting. It voted to pass the rewrite, with a few changes, onto the County Commission with a favorable recommendation.

Prior to approving the rewrite, the planning commission held three work sessions with planning staff on the rewrite and it held a public hearing at its Sept. 18, 2019, meeting.

A planned unit development, or PUD, is a planning tool intended to encourage the efficient use of land and resources, promote greater efficiency in public and utility services, preserve  open space, efficient use of alternative transportation and encourage innovation in the planning and building of all types of development, according to Jeff Miller, Tooele County planning staff.

Generally, in a PUD the developer is given a higher density or allowed a lower lot size in exchange for preservation of open space or participation in infrastructure development.

The proposed county PUD ordinance requires all residential PUDs to have at least 10% open space, exclusive of streets, parking areas, and utility easements and other improvements.

The allowable density increase in a PUD is limited to no more than 200%, according to the proposed new ordinance.

The County Commission held a first reading on an ordinance to repeal and replace TCLUO Chapter 9 during its Oct. 29, 2019, meeting.

A second reading and final action was on the agenda for the County Commission’s Nov. 19, 2019, meeting. The agenda items were tabled at the request of county planning staff and Tripp.

Miller requested the second reading be tabled because he had received public comments about the density tables and wanted time to “clean it up,” according to the minutes of the meeting.

Tripp “ran down a list of questions he has [about the ordinance]” and then suggested the ordinance should be tabled too, according to the minutes.

The County Commission may hold a second reading and take action on the ordinance to repeal TCLUO Chapter 9 at a future meeting.


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