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image A new subdivision in Lake Point has barrow ditches for drainage. The Tooele County Commission overturned a county planning commission decision that turned down a preliminary plat for another nearby subdivision that will use barrow ditches for stormwater.

November 9, 2017
County commission reverses planning commission decision

Lake Point Vista subdivision wins preliminary plat approval 

The Tooele County Commission on Tuesday overturned the county planning commission’s rejection of a preliminary plat for the Lake Point Vista subdivision.

The county planning commission turned down the preliminary plat request with a 6-1 vote during an Oct. 4 meeting. Planning commission members cited concerns about residents filling in barrow ditches and stormwater runoff from the subdivision running down Center Street.

Howard Schmidt, one of the developers of Lake Point Vista, told the county commission that he did not know how to alter the plans for the subdivision to make it compliant with the planning commission’s request  because the plans, including stormwater drainage, had already been approved by an engineer representing the county as being sufficient and complying with county code.

The stormwater plan included in the preliminary plat not only included barrow ditches, as used in other subdivisions in Lake Point, but also included on-site detention ponds at the request of the county’s engineer, according to Schmidt.

Jason Losee, Tooele County senior planner, said that the developer planned for proper drainage. The engineering and factual evidence did not support the planning commission’s denial, according to Losee.

The county commission approved the preliminary plat for the Lake Point Vista subdivision with a unanimous vote. Lake Point Vista is located at 1200 East and Center Street in Lake Point.

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