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May 9, 2019
County considers $459 impact fee for new homes built in Lake Point

Developers in Lake Point may soon be paying impact fees for parks.

The Tooele County Commission heard a report on an impact fee analysis for the Lake Point Cemetery and Park and Service Area during the commission’s meeting Tuesday night at the Tooele County Building. Following the report the County Commission held a public hearing on the proposed impact fees.

The analysis was completed by Zions Bank Public Finance. 

“Impact fees are a one-time fee assessed to new buildings, in this case it will be only residential buildings because they arguably have the only impact on parks,” said Aaron Montgomery, representing Zions Bank Public Finance. “They are issued at the time of a building permit and are based only on capital costs for maintaining the current level of service for new growth, not maintenance and operation costs.”

State code allows for the adoption of impact fees for certain capital costs after a study to determine a local government’s existing level of public services, future needs due to growth, and the anticipated cost to maintain the existing level of service.

Growth in the form of new homes require expansion or enlargement of public facilities to maintain the same level and quality of public services for all residents of a community. Impact fees help fund expansion of public facilities necessary to accommodate new growth, according to the state Property Rights Ombudsman. 

The analysis and calculation of the impact fee must follow the procedure in the state Impact Fee Act.

For the Lake Point Cemetery and Park Service Area analysis, Zions Bank Public Finance looked at the inventory of existing facilities and the number of persons per household in Lake Point, according to Montgomery.

The value of qualifying park assets and allowable professional services in the service area totaled $201,905. The estimated population of Lake Point in 2017, which was when the study was completed, was 1,320. Doing the math, according to the analysis the current cost per capita is $152.96.

Using the single-family home average persons per household of 3.0 and the multi-family housing unit average persons per household of 2.75, the maximum park impact fee was determined to be $459 for a single-family home and $421 for a multi-family unit.

The Lake Point Cemetery and Park District has its own board of trustees, but because the board is appointed by the County Commission, state code requires that the County Commission must approve the proposed impact fee, according to County Commission chairman Tom Tripp.

Nobody spoke during the public hearing on the proposed impact fees.

The County Commission held the ordinance to adopt the impact fees for a second reading at a future public meeting.


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