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November 24, 2021
County Council approves capital facilities plan contract

Facilities plan will include impact fee review 

Impact fees charged for new development in unincorporated parts of the county will get updated under a contract approved by the Tooele County Council during their meeting on Tuesday night.

The Tooele County Council approved a $71,500 agreement with the Salt Lake City-based firm of Lewis, Young Robertson & Burningham to complete a new capital facilities plan and impact fee review.

The capital facilities plan not only forecasts projects — timelines and costs — but the plan also drives the determination of the cost of impact fees for the county, according to state code.

According to the request for proposals for the study, the County asked for a bid for the creation of a capital facilities plan, an analysis and update of the county’s impact fee facilities plan, and an analysis and update of the county’s impact fee analyses for public safety, transportation and parks recreation and trails and the creation of other impact fee facilities plans and impact fee analyses.

The cost set for impact fees must be supported by the capital facilities plan and impact fee study, according to state code.

Impact fees are a one-time fee. They are only collected from new development, not existing residences or businesses. 

The use of Impact fees is regulated by state code.

According to state code, impact fees may be used for the cost of facility projects needed to maintain the current level of service and to recover the cost of facilities from which new growth will benefit, according to state code. Impact fees may not be used to pay for salaries, operating costs, routine maintenance, increased level of service, or to fix existing deficiencies.

State law requires that impact fees be accounted for separately from other country funds with documentation required to show that expenses met specific legal requirements for each type of impact fee.

According to the county’s building permit application, the county currently collects a public safety impact fee of $312 and a parks and recreation impact fee of $1,126 on all new residences. 

A $695  public safety impact fee and a $ 1,000 parks and recreation impact fee is collected on all new non-residential buildings.

A transportation impact fee is also charged, but the amount is variable based on the amount of traffic expected to be generated by the project.

In 2020, the county reported that they collected a total of $973,137 in impact fees.

Other impact fees collected by the county and listed on their building permit application, but not affected by the county’s impact fee study as they are set and used by other entities, include: $3,359 for the Lake Point Improvement District, $2,700 for the Stansbury Park Recreation District and $584 for the North Tooele County Fire District.

According to the Stansbury Park Improvement District’s website, the general impact fee for water service from SPID is $3,203 in the Stansbury service area and $3,051 in the West Erda Improvement District service area. The SPID general impact fee for sewer service is $2,354. The SPID general impact fees are distributed among different user classes and different fees may be charged for non-standard users, according to their website. SPID pays for and conducts its own impact fee study. SPID impact fees are set by the elected SPID board of trustees.


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