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April 28, 2015
County departments contribute to improve local quality of life

The construction on Tooele City’s Main Street is being done by Tooele City and not by the Utah Department of Transportation.

Since the state will tear the road up this summer anyway for repaving, the city decided to replace the water main that is in need of repair. While it is inconvenient for citizens, it is a great idea to only inconvenience the citizens one time — over a number of months. It will also save tax dollars by only tearing the road up once.

For information on what the state is doing with Main Street, as well as a fun video about Tooele City, please follow these links: and

This is the second article to recognize April as County Government Month. I have asked each department to email information about their department to share with you.

The Tooele County Facilities Maintenance Department, headed by Isaac Astill, does marvelous things with a staff of five employees. Over 100 events were held  in 2014 with more than 130,000 visitors in attendance at Deseret Peak Complex and the Benson Gristmill.

Events also included Country Explosion, the Tooele County Fair, 17 softball tournaments, soccer, football, rugby, chariot races, pumpkin walk, horse races, archery championships and two demolition derbys.

There were also over 30,000 visitors to our canyons and trails. The motocross track at Deseret Peak was just recently opened for the season and the pool is being prepped for another great year.

Besides events, the maintenance department’s staff maintains all county facilities, landscaping and capital improvements. Their goal is to provide upbeat venues and top-notch customer service. I can vouch for the department’s wonderful customer service. They’re a great help to all of the county departments, as well as the public.

Tooele County Health Department, with its new director, Jeff Coombs, became the first local health department in the state to become nationally accredited this past year. This accomplishment demonstrates the department’s commitment to provide Tooele County residents with the highest quality public health services.

It also demonstrates the capacity of the dedicated staff to deliver these services and programs in an effective, efficient and caring manner.

The mission of the health department is to serve the community as a leader in public health by promoting health, striving to prevent avoidable disease, assessing the health of our community, developing effective policies, providing services and education, and protecting the environment to ensure quality of life.

In 2014, the Tooele County Health Department provided flu vaccinations for nearly 6,500 residents, conducted more than 500 restaurant and pool inspections and trained approximately 1,600 people in suicide prevention.

Wendover Airport is a 2,200 acre county-owned multi-use airport and tourist attraction. Last year 52,000 visitors landed at Wendover and approximately 10,000 visitors came to the World War II Museum. Many aircraft from all along the Wasatch Front use Wendover year-round as a practice training and fueling field.

We recently concluded an arrangement for the Utah National Guard to utilize Wendover Airfield as a training base for their “Shadow” unmanned aircraft, which will fly in the Utah Test and Training Range south of the airport.

Later this year there will be several National Guard servicemen/servicewomen permanently stationed at Wendover to facilitate the training. We are also preparing for additional military exercises on the field with C-17 cargo planes and expect that a major upcoming movie will use Wendover for filming.

Renovations are underway on the large service club on the airfield, which will become the new home for the World War II Museum, highlighting Wendover’s role in training the Army Air Force crews to fly overseas.

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