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November 27, 2012
County government should be routed

This letter is to answer the question in the Transcript-Bulletin’s editorial (“Commissioners fiddled while county budget burned”) on Nov. 20, “What will it take to get Tooele County residents outraged?”  Know this: I am outraged at the financial situation Tooele County and Tooele City are in these days. The county is going broke from a long string of expensive and bad choices, and the city is about to be sued out of existence for unfair practices with a home builder. In his letter to the editor on Nov. 20, Tim Hill suggested that the county government should be routed. I agree. Tooele County is too diverse to fill the commission with people from the livestock industry only. Tooele County elites going to the St. George convention after sacking that many employees is akin to Wall Street executives giving themselves large bonuses after causing the financial crisis that wrecked the world’s economies. All this malpractice is ultimately paid for by the taxpayer, and if the taxpayer continues to be silent, he will continue to pay for stuff like this.

Mike Enright

Stansbury Park

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