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image Heather Hyer and Wesley Hyer use a level to keep a pole straight during a National Honors Society service project to build horseshoe pits at Deseret Peak Complex Tuesday afternoon.

April 26, 2012
County leverages honor students to dig horseshoe pits

In light of the ever-present rivalry between the three Tooele Valley high schools, National Honors Society President Amanda Howa wanted to think up a service project that would encourage a coming together of her members from Stansbury, Tooele and Grantsville. She kicked around several ideas to benefit the community until, at the suggestion of Tooele County commissioners, Howa got in contact with Deseret Peak Complex officials who wanted to add horseshoe throwing pits to the county facility.

Last Tuesday, volunteers from the various NHS organizations met at Deseret Peak Complex and created 10 new horseshoe pits.

“It was the perfect project to encourage interschool relations.” Howa stated.

However, with nearly 30 vol- unteers, the work passed faster than expected, and NHS mem- bers volunteered to stay longer in order to continue with the labor involved in not just dig- ging the holes but also cement- ing them in.

“We don’t usually do projects that require this much physical labor in NHS,” Howa said, “but though it was hard, it was well worth it, and it was very fun.”

Once the digging was com- pletely finished, volunteers made their way to the large sheds behind the swimming pools where they were taught how to mix cement, fill buckets, insert and measure poles for the actual pits, and haul four-gallon buck- ets back and forth between des- tinations.

Howa  said  cooperation  was outstanding.

“It was pretty frequent to see one girl not able to lift a cement bag and someone else  coming to her rescue or other things like that.” stated Howa. “This was a project that definitely required teamwork.”

Bottled water was provided for the two hours that the volunteers remained at the complex, but otherwise they worked without stopping, rotating jobs between mixing the concrete in large wheelbarrows, doing the actual digging of the horseshoe pits, or readying the buckets.

“This is one project that would never have been able to have been done by just one person.” Howa said.


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