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image Tooele County Auditor Alison McCoy presented the proposed budget adjustments to the County Commission during their meeting on Wednesday night.

February 20, 2020
County looks at $209K increase to 2020 budget

It is seven weeks into the new budget year for Tooele County and it’s already time for a budget adjustment.

The County Commission considered adjustments for its 2020 budget that will increase spending by $208,900 during its meeting Tuesday night at the County Administration Building.

Included in the proposed budget adjustments were $198,900 of new expenses for the County’s general fund and $10,000 of new expenses for the health department fund, according to Tooele County Auditor Alison McCoy.

The County Recorder/Surveyor’s office requested a budget increase of $19,000 due to a grant received to pay for monument preservation.

All property surveys start with reference to a section monument, a reference point that is supposed to be fixed and permanent. The county surveyor is responsible to make sure these monuments are in the right place and remain undisturbed so they can be used accurately over time to measure property. Monuments are sometimes unknowingly disturbed as the result of construction work, excavation, or road maintenance.

The County Attorney’s office requested an allocation of $174,500 from the general fund balance to pay for an additional attorney.

The new attorney would be a civil attorney. The new attorney would support county officials and departments, according to County Attorney Scott Broadhead.

Broadhead referenced the amount of attorney fees the county has had to contract out recently, particularly for land use planning and zoning issues.

“I anticipate that there will be some cost savings as we will do less contracting out,” he said.

The County Commission requested an additional $5,400 for predator control.

The county contracts with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food for aerial predator control, according to County Commissioner Shawn Milne.

The County Health Department requested a budget adjustment of both revenue and expenses of $10,000 for a grant from Cargill Salt to fund a nutrition program as part of the Health Department’s Family Fun Night.

The County Commission meeting on Tuesday night was the first reading for these budget adjustments.

The public may submit comments by mail, email, or phone to the County Commission, according to County Commission chairman Tom Tripp.

The County Commission will vote on the budget adjustments in a future meeting, he said.


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