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August 22, 2019
County proposes changes to records access and retention

New policy establishes rules for email retention 

Tooele County is updating its codes for record access and electronic record retention.

The Tooele County Commission voted to hold off approving a pair of resolutions that would modify county codes relating to access to public records and the retention of electronic records during its meeting Tuesday night.

Both resolutions were first introduced at the Aug. 6 County Commission meeting. The commission tabled a vote on the resolutions to “a future meeting” at Tuesday night’s meeting.

County Commission Chairman Tom Tripp said the commission expects to make some amendments to the resolutions. 

Ordinance 2019-19 modifies Tooele County Code Chapter 11, County Records Access and Management.

“It’s been more than 20 years since this policy has been updated,” said Tooele County Attorney Scott Broadhead, during the Aug. 6 County Commission meeting.

Most of the proposed changes in 2019-19 involve removing language from the county code and inserting language that says that the county will follow state code, according to Broadhead.

“This way we don’t have to update our code every time the state code changes,” Broadhead said, “which has become almost everyday.”

Resolution 2019-10 enacts a new chapter of the county’s personnel and policies and procedures manual titled “Electronic Records and Retention.”

The policy is designed to be consistent with statewide retention policies, especially in the area of email retention, according to Tripp.

The policy defines electronic records, with examples of what electronic records are and are not.

Electronic records do not include daily calendars or personal notes nor temporary drafts prepared for personal use, according to the proposed policy.

Transitory emails that contain no final contractual, financial, or policy information, nor any information that impacts agency function, do not need to be kept after their purpose has been served, according to the proposed policy.

Emails that document implementation agency functions and programs or document work accomplished, transactions made, or actions taken are among the emails that would be required to be kept permanently, according to the proposed policy.

The complete policies can be viewed on the county website attached to the agenda for the Aug. 20 meeting.


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