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September 15, 2020
County Seat

This letter is in regards to the article in the Salt Lake Tribune on August 24, 2020 about the TV show “County Seat.”

For years I have thought this show is a conservative Republican pact, paid for with tax dollars. 

I think State Auditor John Dougall should look into this and see if it’s legal. I think the newspapers should look into it.

Years ago I complained in Tooele County budget meetings when the county was paying $20,000 a year to support this program. I have heard the county has said as much as $48,000 a year to support this program. 

In the article Chad Booth states he expects $48,000 from Tooele County this year again. I don’t believe Tooele County should contribute any money at all to support this program.

Chad Booth saidin the article that this would be a bad time for this show to go off the air with Biden ahead in the polls. He also says that this show is put on to reinforce our conservative issues to the public,which I believe reinforces my concerns about this being a Republican political pact that our tax dollars have been supporting for years.

I am a 60 plus year member of a union. We were taken all the way to the Supreme Court over people not wanting to pay dues to support the Union’s goals and what they called liberal our goals. 

At the time we were taken to court, we were just charging them bargaining agency fees for  what they got in negotiations for our service. The court said we couldn’t even charge that, that they could work there and receive our benefits for nothing. So if that’s the case, I don’t like the county spending my tax dollars to support this pact. So how can they charge taxes to pay for this program.?

Again, I want to recommend that the county don’t put one nickel into this program.

The article also states that the counties in Utah are applying for $10,000 grants from the state of Utah, which according to the article are being transferred to Chad Booth’s “At Your Leisure” business to map the trails in Utah. Chad states he’s been transferring some of that money to County Seat Show to help support it for the last couple of years. I would like to know if this is legal, to support what I consider a Republican pact.

Jerry Edwards



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