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September 19, 2019
County seeks input on new PUD ordinance

New ordinance allows for up to 200% density increase in exchange for public benefits 

After three work sessions with the Tooele County Planning Commission, Tooele County has released a draft of a new Planned Unit Development Ordinance.

The draft ordinance was included on the agenda, along with a public hearing, during the planning commission’s meeting on Wednesday night at the County Building.

A planned unit development, or PUD, is a planning tool intended to encourage the efficient use of land and resources, promote greater efficiency in public and utility services, preservation of open space, efficient use of alternative transportation and encouraging innovation in the planning and building of all types of development, according to Jeff Miller, Tooele County planning staff.

Generally, in a PUD the developer is given a higher density or allowed a lower lot size in exchange for preservation of open space or participation in infrastructure development.

The proposed county PUD ordinance requires all residential PUDs to have at least 10% open space, exclusive of streets, parking areas, and utility easements and other improvements.

The allowable density increase in a PUD is limited to no more than 200%, according to the ordinance.

The planning commission held a public hearing for the proposed ordinance on Wednesday night.

Three speakers spoke during the public hearing. All three speakers expressed concern that PUDs are effectively a rezone to higher density that don’t have to go through the normal rezone process.

The speakers also expressed concern that as an administrative process, PUDs would not be subject to a people’s petition and referendum.

Miller explained that currently PUDs in Tooele County are a conditional use permit, which is an administrative decision, according to county code.

Under the proposed ordinance, PUDs will be an overlay zone, which the county attorney said would be a legislative decision, Miller said.

The planning commission closed the public hearing on the proposed ordinance, but kept the public comment period open.

The proposed ordinance can be found by going to the county’s agenda website at, selecting the 2019 tab, and then clicking on the agenda for the 9/18/2019 planning commission meeting. When the agenda opens up, click on the “switch to accessible view” bar in the top right hand corner of the screen and then select agenda item #7, “TCLUO 20019-05 staff report.”

Comments may be sent by email to Jeff Miller at


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