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image Congested commutes on state Route 36 will be discussed during an upcoming town hall meeting hosted by the Tooele County Commission. Four such meetings are scheduled for October.

October 9, 2018
County sets dates for more town hall meetings on hot button growth issues

The Tooele County Commission has scheduled four town hall meetings this month and each one will focus on one of four hot button topics related to growth in the county.

The first will be held on Oct. 15. The topic is transportation with experts from the Wasatch Front Regional Council, the Utah Department of Transportation, and the Utah Transit Authority participating with the county commission.

On Oct. 18, the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, along with James Wood, one of the authors of the latest population estimate study for the state, will participate in a town hall on development and density. The Wasatch Front Regional Council’s Transportation and Land Use Connection program has also been invited to participate.

A third town hall focused on water will be held on Oct. 22. The state Division of Water Rights, also known as the state Engineer’s Office, will participate.

The fourth will held on Oct. 25 with the topic of economic development. Guest experts for this town hall meeting have not yet been determined.

Each town hall meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Tooele County Building at 47 S. Main Street in Tooele City.

The format for each meeting will include a brief welcome and introductions, a presentation by the invited experts lasting around 10 minutes, comments from the county commissioner whose areas of responsibility include the topic area, and a question and answer period, according to Commissioner Shawn Milne.

“Tooele’s Tomorrow — Tooele County has a Bright Future” is the theme for a communications program designed by the county commission and a consultant. The purpose of the town hall meetings is to help the county commission communicate with the public what the commission has been doing and to share strategic plans for the future of the county while strengthening public dialogue and input, according to Milne.

The commissioners launched the theme during a town hall meeting on Sept. 17, during which more than 75 people filled the basement auditorium at the county building. Water, transportation, housing density and economic development were topics discussed.


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