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September 7, 2021
County still taking input on general plan update

Add comments or comment on exerting threads on website 

There is still time to use a web-based application to leave information and thought for planners working on updating the county’s general plan.

Tooele County has embarked on the process of updating its general plan. They have engaged the services of a consultant and launched a website,, to collect information and ideas from the public.

During the last planning commission meeting, Tooele County planner Jeff Miller updated the commission on the plan’s progress. He also invited the public to continue to use the website to provide input on the general plan update.

Once the website is opened, users have several routes to view other comments, like or dislike the comments, and add additional comments. 

Planners have included on the pinpoint map feedback gathered at public open houses held earlier in the year.

Under the Interactive Map section users can click on “click to give feedback” to open the interactive map and read the pinpoint comments. Users can add comments. They can also create their own pinpoints with comments.

Under the Share Your Vision section users can click on “Add Your Vision” to add their vision of the county and its future. They can also read other people’s visions and leave comments on them.

Under the Surveys section users can click on “Shape the Community” to take and submit a survey to planners.

The general plan for Tooele Valley was last updated in 2016. The plan included a revised map of future land uses with planning principles, implementation measures, and demographic information.

Some of the implementation measures in the 2016 general plan update included; modify existing zoning ordinances, development guidelines and other implementation tools to ensure they are aligned with the vision contained in the updated general plan; adopt a water conservation landscape ordinance; identify and map critical open space and sensitive lands with the intent of establishing protection and preservation areas; develop a critical open spaces and sensitive lands overlay zone which addresses specific lands to be protected and the tools and mechanisms available for implementation; and create detailed guidelines and educational information regarding the benefits of new residential models including clustered and mixed-use development.

Reproduced here are some of the vision and interactive map pinpoint comments left on the website for the current update. New comments can be added and comments added to existing comments by going to


Pinpoint comments, suggestions, ideas:

Need to Blend / Buffer Development (Open House Multiple Comments)

Costco / Target / Harbor Freight other Commercial Development (Open House Multiple Comments – Not specific to this location)

Several people mentioned they currently travel to Salt Lake Valley for groceries / shopping. (Multiple Open House Comments)

Expand Airport to include GA, freight, and warehousing services (Open House Multiple Comments)

Lake Point needs its own elementary and Jr high school. With the population and development growing so quickly, schools are being overcrowded too quickly. Proactive actions need to be taken. Have developers pay a fee to contribute to the demands on infrastructure and schools.

More Restaurants – Chick-fil-a, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, etc (Open House Multiple Comments)

Need to Blend / Buffer Development (Open House Multiple Comments)


Transportation pinpoints:

The need for an additional, separate road into/out of Tooele County has been discussed among leaders for years however I did not see it marked and mentioned on here, so here you go…that bottle neck along I-80 and 201 needs to be addressed…and they should have separate routes.

Mid-Valley should be built as a freeway through Tooele Valley and should continue south to Fillmore.

Village needs to be connected to MidValley as soon as possible if not sooner. It should be built at the same time as Mid-Valley – this would alleviate a lot of the traffic on 36.

Everyone seems concerned about traffic going into and out of SL Valley. What is lacking is connections within Tooele Valley. Traffic is bad because there are two roads that everyone HAS to use. We need more options of getting around in the Valley – A LOT of people drive from Stansbury to Grantsville – Tooele and everyone has to use the same road. There needs to be better connections and more options of traveling between communities.


Limiting growth

Original comment:

Growth needs to be limited and controlled before the traffic and water issues spiral out of control. Developers should be put on a limit of how many houses can be built yearly, so that the building of infrastructure can keep up with it. For example, if Stansbury, Erda, Grantsville and Stockton keep growing at the wild pace that they are what will traffic look like in 20 years when there’s only the small city of Tooele to support it?

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I completely agree. There was talk of a building moratorium years ago sure to water. Yet we are experiencing another drought year and building is happening at record pace. Where is the water going to come from to accommodate the growth. We need to start requiring xeriscaping at a minimum. We are a desert, like Vegas yet there are no restrictions on landscaping with new bldg. Water conservation is TOP priority!!!

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Lot sizes:

I prefer housing on partials that are 12,000 to 14,000 sf or larger because it provides more of an open space and offers space between residences that in my opinion allows for privacy not achieved in lots that are 10,000 sf and smaller. Larger lots provides for opportunities to feel less like the cluster housing of a downtown city and more like open country spaces. Housing should be developed on 12,000 sf and larger lots.




Original comment:

Biking/running/walking paths that connect one community to another, wide enough for two directions that keeps it’s users safe. This may include pullouts, drink stations, benches, garbage collection. The cycling community needs a safe way to get from point A to point B without putting our lives in danger every time we go for a ride. Cyclists from Salt lake will even come out here and enjoy our open space and scenic views.

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I would love to see horse trail paths too to help riders get to public land.



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