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image Chris Robinson, managing partner for Saddleback Partners, has asked the Tooele County Commission to include other land he owns, including the Lake Point Mobile Home & RV Park property, in the development agreement for the Saddleback project in Lake Point.

August 9, 2018
County tables adding more acres to Saddleback project at Lake Point

The Tooele County Commission will take at least two weeks to think about adding around 1,500 acres to the Saddleback development in Lake Point.

After a public hearing held at the County Commission’s Tuesday meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously to table a decision on a request to amend Saddleback’s development agreement to add nine parcels totaling around 1,500 acres.

“The development agreement allows for the addition of property to the agreement if all of the parties agree,” said Christopher Robinson, representing the developers of Saddleback.

Robinson’s proposal included adding several smaller parcels in the Lake Point area, including the old S&W Trailer Court and larger parcels on the development’s south border.

Included in Robinson’s proposal were a 408-acre parcel at the mouth of Pole Canyon and a combination of parcels near Bates Canyon Road that total 982 acres. 

Most of the speakers during the public hearing were critical of expanding Saddleback.

“I personally am totally appalled that this 20-year old agreement can be amended and added to and this development can spread and spread like a cancer until it takes over who knows how much of the space in this valley,” said Leanne Bedell, Erda. “I am just dumbfounded that this is technically legal.”

Only one speaker said he supported the proposed amendment to the development agreement.

“I am for this amendment,” said Jason Ruebush, Lake Point. “I use the foothills. I am an avid runner. I have my ATVs. At least with this agreement, with all the boom in the northern end of the county, for every one acre of houses there has to be one one acre of open space. With the addition of all the land east of Bates Canyon, that’s going to leave a lot of open space for Tooele County to recreate.”

Approved by the County Commission in 1998, the development agreement for Saddleback allows an average density of one house per acre on the 2,585 acres covered by the agreement, but allows for smaller lots in exchange for open space.

The Saddleback development agreement allows for homes on lots as small as 8,000-square-feet while requiring 50 percent of the total area be designated as open space.

The agreement is a legally binding contract between the county and the landowner. The term of the agreement is for 50 years.

The development, at completion, has the potential to add 2,500 homes with 10,000 residents to the Lake Point area, according to the Tooele County general plan for the Lake Point community.

The County Commission voted to table a decision on the plan amendment until its Aug. 21 meeting.


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