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February 22, 2005
County to debate Geneva bid for rezone

Tooele County Commissioners will decide today if Geneva Rock Products’ request to rezone some 563 acres northwest of Grantsville from its present MU-40 (Multiple Use, 40 acre minimum lot size) to MG-EX (Mining and Excavation) will be granted.

The company estimates that during an average year some 75,000 tons of rock will be mined in the area with a maximum tonnage per year of 500,000.

The Tooele County Planning Commission unanimously approved the rezone on January 19, and county commissioners held a public hearing on the matter last week, but no comments for or against the rezone were received.

Ten different issues about the land use change had to be addressed in the rezone consideration such as if the requested zoning is inconformity with the county’s general plan and how the requested zoning will affect traffic congestion and infrastructure in the area.

In regards to traffic the county engineering department noted, “The traffic projections by the applicant are not excessive. It will not have a highly negative effect on the traffic patterns. The access to SR-138 may need to be relocated, or redesigned, but that can occur in the conditional use permit and development stage of the permitting process.”

Based on the answers to each of the questions the county’s engineering staff also recommended that the rezone be granted.

If the commissioners grant the rezone a separate Conditional Use Permit would need to be authorized.

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