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April 30, 2015
County treasurer’s office collected taxes on 25,000 pieces of real property in 2014

This is the third article on April being County Government Month. Like the two prior articles, I have asked each Tooele County office to email information about their department to share with readers. Below are a few more.

Tooele County Treasurer Mike Jensen billed and collected taxes on 25,000 pieces of real property in the county in 2014. While tax notices aren’t everyone’s favorite piece of mail, it is a way to ensure that we keep our property free and clear. The office processed refunds and overpayment on property taxes to the tune of about 300 parcels.

It is also responsible for generating the list of delinquent taxes annually and depositing funds from all county departments. The treasurer also invests county funds to get the maximum return for taxpayers.

My Tooele County Clerk/Auditor office has — in my opinion — the most diversified and exciting office in the county. If you decide to get married, we can sell you the license, perform the marriage ceremony (in Spanish if you’d prefer) and get your passports ready for your honeymoon. Want to go into business? We can sell you a business license.

We are  responsible for elections in Tooele County from voter registration to the final canvas report. In between there is a lot of verifying and testing of equipment to make sure everything is being counted correctly and all laws are being met.  We also have the pleasure of running elections for the municipalities, special service districts and the high schools in Tooele County.

We further serve as secretary to the county commission, including compiling the agenda and transcribing the minutes, and as the records manager for the county. All of the commission minutes, ordinances, requisitions and contracts are kept in this office. We also process all of the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) requests and post agendas and minutes for all public boards and meetings.

The clerk/auditor’s office is responsible for risk management for the county and all liability insurance and claims. We also offer notary service, passport pictures and maintain the county store, saving the departments thousands of dollars in supplies and time. And we manage the county mailroom for incoming and outgoing mail.

On the auditor’s side of the office, we process all accounts payable, create and supervise the county budget, as well as the individual department budgets. We manage abatements, including veterans, low income, blind, circuit breaker and tax exempt properties.

We are also responsible for the May Tax Sale, as well as the Independent Tax Audit. The property valuation notices are sent out from the clerk/auditor’s office to 25,000 residents. We serve as the clerk to the Board of Equalization, set the tax rates and serve as purchasing agent for the county. There is truly never a dull moment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this bird’s-eye view of your county government. Who knows what will be on the agenda for next year’s County Government Month. Stay tuned. It’s always an amazing ride.


Marilyn Gillette is the Tooele County Clerk/Auditor.

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