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November 8, 2018
County voters showed partial support for ballot issues

Three out of four.

That’s Tooele County’s score for picking the winners out of the one question and three statewide propositions on Tuesday’s General Election ballot.

Non-binding opinion question #1 would have raised “substantial revenue” through a 10 cent per gallon increase in the motor vehicle fuel tax. The revenue would have reduced the annual contribution to the transportation fund from the general fund of around $600 million, leaving more resources in the general fund for public education, according to the text of the legislation that generated the ballot questions.

Statewide voters rejected the question’s proposal on election night with a 66 percent no vote. Tooele voters sent a stronger “no” message with 75 percent of votes cast opposing the increase in the gas tax.

Tooele and state voters agreed on Proposition #2, the measure that establishes a state-controlled process that allows persons with certain illnesses to acquire and use medical cannabis.

Voters statewide approved the measure with a 53 percent “yes” vote. Tooele County voters weighed in with a 54 percent yes vote.

Tooele voters were a little more decisive on election night on Proposition #4 than statewide voters. 

Proposition #4 creates a seven-member Utah Independent Redistricting Committee that would be responsible to recommend redistricting plans to the Legislature. It also imposes requirements on the legislative redistricting process and established standards that a redistricting plan must comply.

Tooele County voters approved Proposition #4 with a 55 percent favorable vote. Statewide Proposition #4 ended election night with a 50.4 percent favorable vote.

Tooele County voters parted ways with the statewide vote on Proposition #3.

Proposition #3 will expand the state Medicaid health coverage program to include coverage, based on income, for previously ineligible low-income adults.

It expands the state Medicaid program to include coverage, based on income, for previously ineligible low-income adults and it preserves the existing scope of the state’s Medicaid and CHIP programs. Proposition #3 also increases the state sales tax rate form 4.70 percent to 4.85 percent and directs the revenue toward paying for the changes to Medicaid and CHIP made by the proposition.

Votes cast in favor of Proposition #3 were ahead at the end of election night with 54 percent of the votes cast being in favor of the proposition. Tooele County voters rejected proposition #3 with a 52 percent “no” vote.


Tim Gillie

Staff Writer at Tooele Transcript Bulletin
Tim covers education, Tooele City government, business, real estate, politics and the state Legislature. He became a journalist after a long career as an executive with the Boy Scouts of America. Tim is a native of Washington state and a graduate of Central Washington University.

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