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April 12, 2005
Creative colors refreshing

I would like to respond to Ms. Curtis’ assessment of the new St. Barnabas Center located in Overlake, (published March 29, 2005):

“What were they thinking?” Perhaps “they” were valuing creativity, excitement, fresh approaches and new ideas. Perhaps “they” weren’t content with the same, basic, cookie-cutter communities and neighborhoods that we see all too often in our prepackaged, go-along-to-get-along, conformist world.

Perhaps “they” agree with many of us that the colors balance each other well. (By the way, everything — even your beloved “barf” green — compliments muted colors like beige, gray and pale yellow. Therefore, the church matches the houses in the Overlake area very nicely.)

Perhaps “they” know that a style of architecture doesn’t have to be confined to a geographical area — hence Victorian style homes in the Bahamas and plantation style homes in the northeast. Perhaps “they” are even sensible enough to know that Tooele is on the edge of a desert, so southwestern desert architecture makes perfect sense.

If you don’t like the colors or the building style, don’t look. If you feel that you need to go out of your way to avoid driving past this church, I know of two back roads into Tooele (one through Dugway and one through Lehi). Happy driving; pack some tunes.

I might be off base here, but aren’t we supposed to choose a church based on the values and teachings of that religious affiliation instead of the palatability of the colors or the architectural design? (Hmmm….. On second thought, I’m not off base; I’m right on target.)

In the grand scheme of things, wouldn’t it be more constructive to shed light on some real and serious problems like the amount of trash and litter along SR-36, the number of unrestrained and unvaccinated dogs roaming Tooele streets, the safety hazard posed by unsupervised children at the grocery store, or (just a teensy, weensy, little concern) the importation of nuclear waste into our county?

Your attack was both hurtful and unnecessary. I would like to assume the best of you. Therefore, I believe that you would probably like one big, happy (yet bland-colored) world. Unfortunately, mean-spirited diatribes such as yours are not a successful way to foster community harmony.

Ms. Curtis, what were you thinking?

Kaye Christensen

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