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March 5, 2023
Creed III pulls no punches in delivering strong third entry of franchise

Get ready to get back into the ring, as actor Michael B. Jordan revives his role as the legendary boxer Adonis in “Creed III.”

The third installment of the Rocky franchise spinoff brings back the heavy-hitting drama and proves you can never take the title from a true champion. After winning his final championship bout, Creed retires and becomes co-owner of a boxing gym to transition into his new role helping a burgeoning group of boxers.

While helping prepare up-and-coming Felix Chavez for a title match, Creed is approached by his old childhood friend Damian who is looking for a favor. After serving 18 years in prison, the former golden-glove boxing champ wants help returning to glory and achieving his own title aspirations. 

When Chavez’s opponent is injured, and with the fight in jeopardy, Creed steps in to give his old confidant a shot. Damian proves he is more than a capable competitor and quickly establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of boxing.

With the return of his old friend into his life Creed also sees his checkered past resurface, which creates friction with his wife Bianca. Meanwhile, as his status elevates, Damian begins to cast doubt on Creed’s legitimacy as a prolific fighter. Feeling betrayed for what he considers a career that was taken from him while he was incarcerated, Damian slanders Creed and his family to no end.

In order to defend his name, Creed deems it necessary to once again lace up the gloves and come out of retirement to silence his provocateur. Following a grueling period of reconditioning, both Creed and Damian go toe-to-toe to settle the feud once and for all. What ensues is a match that rivals any of the fights from the Rocky movies.

Creed III is jam-packed with plenty of action fighting scenes and you can cut the tension between Creed and Damian with a knife. However, Damian’s fell a little short and any sympathy felt for him at the onset of the movie dies quickly once he gets a chip on his shoulder and attacks Creed.

Some redeeming qualities of the movie, however, are contained within its subplot. As Creed sheds more light onto his troubled youth, the audience gets more insight into how trying his childhood truly was. Additionally, his relationship with his young daughter is also featured prominently, as she begins taking interest in her father’s pugilistic pursuits and Creed takes the opportunity to draw closer to her.

Fans of the Rocky franchise and the first two Creed films will love this movie, as it hits on all the right notes and Jordan lands a knockout performance as Creed. And while non-fans may still enjoy the action sequences, the anemic character development might leave some viewers wanting for more. Overall, this is worth a watch for anyone who is on the fence about seeing it.

Creed III is rated PG-13 for intense sports action, violence and some strong language. It is currently playing at the Tooele UEC Theatre.

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