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image Located in the Tooele City Rock Star Pet shop, a domestic crested gecko easily rests as he’s photographed.

November 28, 2013
Crested geckos rediscovered in 1994 after thought to be extinct

Originating from a small chain of islands east of Australia known as South Province of New Caledonia, the crested gecko, also referred to as an “eyelash” gecko, was proclaimed extinct during the late 1800’s because there was little research discovered about them.

It wasn’t until 1994 that a storm led to the rediscovery by voyagers. Once the news spread about its existence, many hundreds of crested geckos were exported to scientists for examination and study.

Though the crested gecko is not capable of living in Tooele, or the United States, they are still listed as one of the top five popular reptile pets today. There are several reasons they are so popular: they are easy to care for, it’s unlikely to have health issues and they have colorfully entertaining personalities.

Strangely, their diets don’t include insects like most pet reptiles, but rather, crested geckos are commonly fed a nourished, powder-based formula that supports their needed nutrients.

Crested geckos are capable of living 15 to 20 years and if their caging is kept at a good room temperature, they will not need supplemental heating equipment.

Since they don’t have any eyelids, crested geckos use their tongues to moisten and remove any debris from their eyes.


Addie T. Lindsay is 17 years old. She is an accomplished writer and photographer of wildlife creatures, big and small. She can be reached at

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