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January 21, 2021
Crime in the city

Theft, assault, alcohol and other drugs lead the list of crimes 

Jeremy Hansen, public information officer at the Tooele City Police Department talks about which types of crime are most common in the city, what to do if a member of the community sees a crime taking place, and how residents of the city can prevent crime.

 Crime, according to Hansen, is defined as “an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government.” 

Unfortunately, crime happens everywhere and Tooele City is not exempt from it.

The most common type of crime in Tooele City is property crime, according to Hansen, and the least common is homicide.

“Tooele City Police Department responded to 14,019 calls for service in 2020,” said Hansen. “Of that number, 5,779 calls resulted in a crime report being completed. The top four categories of crime reported were thefts, assaults, alcohol offenses, and drug offenses. These four categories comprised 42% or 4,443 of the crimes reported to the police department.”

Substance abuse was one of the most common reasons for crime in Tooele City. 

“If you combine drug and alcohol offenses, it totals 819 reported cases,” said Hansen. “Substance abuse directly fuels our property crimes and assaults. Individuals who have drug abuse problems are more likely to commit thefts and property crimes to pay for that addiction. Highly intoxicated individuals are more likely to fight, hence a higher assault rate.” 

Crime in the city does not occur in one place more than others.

“Our crime is spread out throughout the city,” said Hansen.

Hansen offers suggestions for individuals that want to protect themselves and their families from crime.

 “Take an active role within your community, such as participating in a neighborhood watch group,” Hansen. “Even if you do not want to join a neighborhood watch, watch out for your neighborhood. If you see your neighbor’s garage open for the entire day, reach out to them and remind them to close it.”

Individuals can also prevent crime by parking in well-lit areas, trying to stay in places with a larger group of people, and being aware of surroundings.

“As far as protecting yourself from property crimes, lock your vehicles and houses,” said Hansen. “Thieves look for easy targets, so make sure you keep your property secure. Do not leave firearms, high dollar items, or your wallet or purse in your vehicles. We need the public’s assistance in order to help prevent crime.”

Hansen said if members of the community see a crime happening, they should call Tooele County Dispatch and report what they are observing.

“Try to obtain a physical description of the individuals, the vehicle description with license plate, and what the individuals are doing. We urge our community to not confront the individual committing a crime,” said Hansen.


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