Tooele Transcript Bulletin – News in Tooele, Utah

September 15, 2020
Criminal water tower climbing in Tooele

June water tank break-in leads to stronger enforcement 

Tooele City police are reminding people not to climb on water towers in the city. 

Criminal charges will be filed on individuals who do, city police said.

Kids and young adults have been climbing on the City’s water towers for as long Sgt. Jeremy Hansen, Tooele City Police Department public information officer, can remember, but police are taking water tower climbing seriously because of June’s water tank break-in, he said.

June’s incident caused many Tooele residents to be without safe drinking water for 24 hours and government agencies had to be called in to inspect.

“It’s serious because in June we didn’t know if the water had been contaminated,” stated Hansen. “Between Tooele City Hall and the police department, we want to spread the word about this.”

The city has installed cameras around the water towers and continues to remind teens and young adults not to climb on them.

“We can’t take a chance with the city’s water supply,” said Hansen. “When the city looked at the camera footage, they noticed that there were quite a few more people climbing on them than what they thought.”

The water tower that people are climbing on most is the one off of Skyline Drive, according to Hansen. 

He said that police have caught one group of kids already.

“They will face trespassing charges,” Hansen said. “If they damage anything, they could face vandalism charges.”

Hansen has a message for parents.

“These are important to the city,” he said. “We want to ask for the public to let their teenagers know that it is not a good idea.”


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