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October 21, 2021
David Judd, Erda, District 1

David Judd

David Judd

Please introduce yourself. Perhaps tell us about your education and work experience, volunteer community service or anything you want to say to help people to get to know you.

My Name is David Judd. Along with my wife and children, I have called Erda home for 11 years. Our family history in this valley dates back 168 years to the first pioneer settlers. We love this land and we love the people. Like many of our wonderful residents, I volunteer in this community. I love to help, whether it be a neighborly assisting moment or during an extreme moment that happens in our lives, when we depend on the kindness of others. I myself have been the recipient of both types of service. I’ve seen my friends and neighbors come together, in one heart, and work tirelessly to help those in need. I have worked 30 years in the Telecommunications industry, currently I am a self-employed business owner — a General Contractor. While I can do just about anything, I specialize in commercial utility construction, specifically telecommunications.

Growth is a hot topic in Tooele County and our municipalities. Most people say they want planned, responsible, and/or managed growth. Can you be more specific about what you want growth to look like in Erda? What is responsible growth?

I see a wonderful bright future before us and I desire to help usher it in properly and appropriately for our children, our grandchildren, our friends and our neighbors to enjoy. I see the possibilities and potential for good and great as well as bad and not great. I know that progress-change is coming, it cannot be stopped, but we can prepare for it. We can work together in molding it to best fit our environment. We can also help prepare our community for the changes that must take place. Change is inevitable, but if we come together, we can work together to shape the things that need to be shaped and block the things that need to be blocked. We all have various opinions of what we do and don’t want, despite what some say, think, or believe, we all have a lot in common. We all want a beautiful Erda City.

If you win the election and you are successful at accomplishing what you want to do, what will the city of Erda be like as a result of your service?

If is the largest word in the English language….. What IF I win this election? I have carefully considered the responsibilities of serving my community in this capacity and while certainly I also am a resident, I know that I am not the only resident. I believe that it is not what I can do, but rather what we can do together. I believe the true beauty of Erda is the people, every one of them. Erda is not just a place, it is my home, it is where my family is, where my friends are. Every day thousands of travelers pass through our community, yet all they see is the road. When I travel through our community, I feel at home. At the end of my service I would hope that we have strengthened our community, fortified our homes, and prepared ourselves for the future. 


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